2021 Newsletter - The Westchester Community Foundation
November 29, 2021   |   By The Westchester Community Foundation
2021 Newsletter

Why do people give? Their reasons vary.

It feels good. Research has shown that the act of giving stimulates the reward areas of our brains, releasing dopamine and endorphins and making us feel good, even happy.

As an expression of values. Faith leaders tell us that we give because we care about others.

For deeper social connections. Giving strengthens our bonds with the community.

To make a difference. Taking action improves the world around us.

At the Westchester Community Foundation, we see the benefits of giving every day among our donors, our grantees, and across the county. We are sharing a few of the uplifting stories in this newsletter so you, too, will be inspired by the impact of our wonderful partnership. This year’s report also includes updates on grants from the Westchester COVID-19 Response Fund, which was created to address community needs that were brought to light by the pandemic. We’re proud to have supported innovative approaches to addressing food insecurity and digital inequities. We’re also strengthening the technology capacity of nonprofits through a new IT support program.

Our donor-advisors tell us they are optimistic about the impact of their giving and the competitive grants made by our staff. Our grantmaking is a result of people who left legacy gifts and trusted us to use these resources wisely to make a difference in Westchester. The stories in this newsletter profile how these legacy gifts are meeting current needs.

Whatever your reason for giving, the Westchester Community Foundation is here to help you on your philanthropic journey. We connect donors to effective local nonprofits and provide expertise on community issues. And we support the nonprofit sector so that they can continue the great work they do. Thank you for your continued support.

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